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Wow. Very interesting and telling. This reminded me of the interview you did with Monica Ricci on wardrobe organizing that delved into the nitty gritty of how to actually do it. You had a unique approach that has helped me tremendously, to this day! Can you post the link? Tis the season!

Katie Karppala

Hi Susan! I am unable to find a link to the radio interview, but here is the link to the blog posting of the wardrobe evaluation/organization we did. She is awesome! http://monicaricci.typepad.com/monica_ricci_organizing_e/2007/06/whats_in_your_c.html


I know. I tried to find the radio show too, to no avail. You should check with Monica for a copy. It was a really great interview.


Dear Katie! I always forget the "zen process" about closet cleaning, however it is a very emotional and
esoteric thing! That's probably WHY I never engage in it--I really know I must, but I just tend to accumulate MORE instead of relieving myself of past
acquisitions! I suppose it is a need to ADD to pleasant memories rather than deciding which ones I am done with! I have so many things that I am sure I will
never wear--in 4 or 5 closets! But just as soon as I
do disard one thing--I immediately want it back! That
must be some kind of sickness. If you can give me your email address, I'll contact you that way, too!

Katie Karppala

Yes Judi, it's amazing how we become aware of our attachments when we "unclutter." You can e mail me at katie@katiekimagecafe.com
Thank you for your comments!

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