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Susan Caron-Karppala

GREAT STUFF, KATIE! Didn't really know a lot of this. I've got some great suits and jackets in my closet just hanging there because i didn't like the way they fit. You just saved me a gazillion dollars because I was going to give them to the church yard sale and buy new ones. AND I am sick and tired of jeans not fitting right. I'm going to do it. You are an image wizard!

Laura DeSantis

Katie you are so right. I have a friend who won't buy any new clothes. She doesn' t want to waste money on clothes until she looses weight. This has been going on for years! The result is that she always looks like a homeless person because she wears the same things over and over. When we loose weight for a special occasion we don't get to wear that outfit more than once or twice because we seem to migrate back to the size we were! I am with you, dress the body you have not the one you wish you had.

p.s. This doesn't mean we should eat everything in site and just keep buying bigger clothes .

Katie Karppala

Susan - if they are OLD suits, the shoulder pads can even be removed. It is amazing what can be done with alterations. Thank you for the compliment!!!

Katie Karppala

Laura - that you for your comments. You friend can also alter her clothing as, or if her weight changes. I did this after the birth of my son. The amazing thing is - dressing appropriate helps you feel better - this can keep one motivated to get healthier (if that is their goal). It's not uncommon that people "punish" themselves by not investing in their grooming (if they are not happy with their size). This feeds the cycle of feeling bad about one's self; doing the opposite of this, investing in feeling better, and accepting where one is at makes it much easier to reach those goals.


I worked in the dress department at Nordstrom one year during the holidays and I was amazed at the magic their alterations department can do! I never knew so many people got their clothes altered! You should see the racks of shortened jeans in the back room waiting to be picked up! They will even alter clothes that are not bought in their stores!

Katie Karppala

Thank you Kathy for the comment and information. I love their customer service!

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